Build Your Team - Save time and £’s with Early Signup

Start building your team now & save

We want you to get the best Bing Blazer deal which is why our booking system allows you to start a team with just one person! 

All you need is a captain, one person who signs up and gets their friends motivated to sign up too! They need a leader.

Early Entry Team discount

You don’t need to sign up 10 at the same time to get the team discount. You can sign up one at a time!

When the team total reaches 10 or more members then each team member will receive a £5 discount code off future events. 

This means you can sign up now for the best entry price, even if your friends are slower and don’t sign up until nearer the event. 

And best of all you are still entitled to the team discount code!!!

Team sizes - Small Teams or Big Teams

As we mentioned a team starts with one person. Someone who is up for a challenge, likes mud, water, laughing and obstacles. The maximum team size is 100.

How do team mates join my team?

This is the best bit! You don’t need to collect all their information. You don’t need to chase them up for money. All you need to do is create a team. You can then text them the team name and password that you pick. Then using the link below they can join the team... simples!

How to build your team

There is also an option for you as the team captain to manage your group. If you select this option then it will take you to a page with an invitation option. All you need to do is put your friends email address in and sent them an invitation. 

This will give them a link so they can sign up directly to your team. It couldn’t be easier to build your team now.

Bing Blazing the way to hassle free, great value obstacle events

The most cost-effective way to sign up and it’s hassle free! You can also check who has and hasn’t signed up by using the manage your group option.

Give it a bash now and see how easy it is to sign up at this link: