Race Course Obstacles

Bing Blazer Race Obstacles

Bing Blazer 2016

If you want to know what will be waiting for you on the then keep reading.  For some of you it may be better not knowing...

With almost 20 obstacles this will be the biggest and best ever Bing Blazer event.

We have all of the old favourites and some exciting new obstacles to challenge you and make sure you enjoy the event.

Wall-ace Monuments  –

The most classic of obstacles. Our 8 ft walls are designed to slow you down and promote team work.

Expect to see several walls throughout the course.

(New) Blackout crawls –

These black out crawls are a new addition to the cycle track.

It is pitch black, it is tiring and there are more than one.

Baboon Bars –

You will find the Baboon Bars aka monkey bars deep in the heart of the Bing.

Our monkey bars are 8ft high with a wet and muddy pit to catch any falling obstacle racers.  

(New) Pillow Fighters –

The first rule of pillow fight club is we don’t talk about pillow fight club...

you have been warned.

Greased Frightening –

This was the talk of the Bing in 2014. Our water slide is fast and exhilarating.

It is continuously watered to maintain the speed and at the bottom there is a muddy pool of Bing water. An obstacle course racers dream! 

(New) A Dust an a Hoff Man –

We have coloured corn starch dust that our volunteers will be throwing at you.

Please make sure you are wearing your sunglasses before you are dusted.

Paintball Alley –

It’s a right of passage. When you see someone with a Bing Blazer finishers T-shirt, then you know they got shot on the butt!

Put on your safety mask in the safe zone, run into the live zone, do not look back, weave or try to avoid the bullet. You need to accept that on Sat 23rd May you are going to be shot on the butt.

Haymakers –

Our hay bale assortment will be found near the start of the Bing.

Jump, climb or roll your way to the other side

Arachnophobia –

Incy Wincy called and wants his spout back!

Negotiate his web as quickly as possible as there may be some “friends” waiting for you this year...

(New) Beanbag Basher –

The beanbag does not get bashed in this movie! A beanbag is of course your testicles.

Walk the plank over our pond and do not bash the beanbag!!!

Dirty Ditches -

Another Bing based obstacle. These muddy ditches will drain the energy from your legs.  

Jump your way across the ditches and try to avoid the muddy depths. The Bing is hungry for your traininers.

(New) Wide Load –

Our lorry trailer is at Capper’s Farm.

You will be over half way through the course and this leap and climb will be just what your burning legs will need.

Rope Slope –

Warning. Lactic acid alert!!! This is our steepest bing descent. The pictures do not do it justice.

Use the rope to negotiate the wicked gradient and then prepare for a leg burning scramble back to the top.  

Terror Tunnel –

Our underground tunnel is extremely dark and eerily creepy.

Negotiate the series of tunnels and try to avoid the “Thing for the Bing”...

(New) Log carry –

Our logs are all different shapes and sizes. They are heavy, awkward and challenging.

Choose your log wisely.

Spare Tyre Buster –

Your legs will wish they had retired after hopping through this assortment of tyres.  

The Pain Barrier –

After a bing scrambled you will be faced with a series of barriers as you run along the skyline.

Scottish Hangover -

An 8 foot wall on a slope. Make sure you get a good run up for this one and hope it doesn’t leave a sore head!

The Lion Rampant

For all the budding ninjas out there. Hope you have been working on your pull ups to get up the overhang!

Tyre Trauma

A 10ft wall of tyres which will require leg, core and upper body strength to climb the tyre ladder. 


Described as ‘probably the biggest obstacle in Scotland’ by OCR Scotland nominated for Best Obstacle at the upcoming OCR Scotland Awards.

This includes 24 feet of walls climbs, fireman’s pole and 60ft monkey bars… And new additions for this year.

??? – We can’t tell you everything. We will have a mystery obstacle for you.

We regularly post training advice and tips for our obstacles on our Bing Blog and social media pages.

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