What is so good about obstacle course racing?

More and more people are signing up for obstacle course races

...and it’s because they love them.  

So what is it that people love about obstacles and if you haven’t already done one, this is why you should.

1) Running is tough!

Running is physically and mentally tough. It is very repetitive, raising the risk of repetitive strains and for most people it is boring.  

So after people do achieve their 5k, 10k and half marathon goals they start to think doing the same thing for hours on end is boring!

With obstacle course racing you get the fitness benefits of running, the mental benefits of varying challenges and a reduced risk of repetitive strain injuries because your body is required to change movement patterns regularly.

This is why obstacle course races are fast becoming a popular goal.

2) Obstacles are fun!

Kids don’t exercise… they play! They do things because it’s fun and that just happens to make them fitter, stronger, faster and more agile. Obstacles are varied and challenging to keep you on your toes, but most importantly the are fun.

3) Everyone needs a goal!

We all talk about getting fitter, joining the gym, going out for a run and sigining up for an event.  Like most thoughts we have they come and go and nothing actually happens until we sign up for something.  An obstacle course race is a reason to start.  It gives us motivation to be fitter and to train.

4) Team work and support

There is no big secret here.  After 14 years in the fitness industry I can categorically say those who have support achieve more.  Whether it’s a coach, friend, team or exercise class or the other half support matters.  Usain Bolt is the fastest guy on the planet and he has a team to help make him faster.  If you sign up with a friend you ain’t going to let them down.

5) The goody bags

The Bing Blazer has went all out this year and providing what is surely the best racing pack ever seen in obstacle course racing.  Our pack includes a t-shirt, gloves, sunglasses and a medal! You are just a pair of shorts away from getting a full kit.

6) The after party

So obstacle course races are more than just a race.  On the course you will meet other racers. You will give them a hand, you will push their arse over a wall! You will laugh together as you make your way around the course and strangers will feel like team mates.  

Team mates celebrate together and the after party is your reward for training hard and helping your fellow obstacle course racers to cross the finish line.

7) Amazing photographs!

You will never, ever, ever see better photographs than the action shots of you and your friends climbing, crawling, jumping and running through mud, water and multi coloured dust at the Bing Blazer.  

Last year we took on average 10 pictures per competitor and were inundated with emails of how happy people were with their pictures and memories.  

Make memories and share the photo’s with your friends.


Life is for living. Get out your comfort zone, set a goal, spend time with friends, meet and help other people on the course.

Have fun with obstacles, get a cracking goody bag, party like you deserve it and relive the memories through the awesome pictures you get.

Obstacle course racing is all that and more.  That’s why it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Michael Smith, Bing Blazer Director and Obstacle Course Racing World Championship Qualifier