The Challenge - Complete the Jigsaw

Are you ready to complete the jigsaw?

Have you completed the 10km muddy Bing Blazer? Have you signed up for the Bling Blazer virtual run?

If the answer is yes then you are nearly ready to complete the Bing Blazer jigsaw. The 3rd piece will be available to earn at Park Life at the Scenic Beecraigs Country Park.

For those who haven’t signed up yet, Park Life has 3 distance options, 5km, 10km and the 240 challenge- as many laps in 4 hours as possible.

There will be a mixture of large and small obstacles to challenge yourself and some new exciting ones for this year… watch closely for the announcements!

The Jigsaw - not only about medals

We know that the Bing Blazer jigsaw isn’t just about the medals themselves. It is the achievement of completing the races which you should be really proud of.

We have heard stories of people transforming their lives through obstacle course racing and we hope that that completing the jigsaw has been a transformative experience for you also. 

I’m sure through that time there has been plenty mud, sweat, possible pain and tears but the medals will be a constant reminder of your achievements.

If you haven’t signed up for Park Life yet, then choose the challenge.