Park Life - OCR Community League Ranking Race

OCR Community League Ranking with Park Life

OCR Community League

The UK.OCR™ Community League is a new league scoring system which ranks people by regions.

These regions are North (Scotland), Central (England and Wales), South (South England).

Regions will run their own leagues of up to 10 races, each with 5 male and 5 female age categories: - under 20’s up to over 50’s.

At the end of the season the top 20 in each category, that is 200 runners from each region will be invited without entry cost to come together to compete in the FINALS seeking to become LEAGUE CHAMPION in their category.

OCR Ranking Events

Categories will go head to head in the same selective waves. You have earned the right to compete with the other great mud and obstacle course runners in your category.

This opens up some potential great competition!

Here is a list of the Northern (Scottish) league events:-

  • McTough Guy 03/01/2016
  • Tartan Warrior - 17/04/2016
  • TrailTroopers - 06/08/2016
  • Bing Blazer Park Life – 03/09/2016

If you are interested, then sign up for your opportunity to be invited to the Finals.

Park Life

Make sure you get signed up for these fantastic events. We look forward to seeing you at our Bing Blazer: Park Life obstacle course race, 3rd September 2016, for the last chance in the season to score league points.

For more information on our Park Life event Click on Park Life logo on right.