Obstacle Course Race Success!

1st Obstacle Course Race a Big Success!

Bing Blazer 2014 was a first time event for the Bing Blazer team in Scotland and an awesome weekend through the support of Bing Blazers of all ages. 

Teams from all over Scotland, Ireland and England come together to take part in the sport we all love - Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle course learning curve

As the first obstacle race on the Bing it was a huge learning curve and there is lots that we can work on to make the 2015 obstacle course race even better.

There was early issues with course markings when a piece of tape snapped from the wind, causing confusion, and an arrow on the cycle track wasn't visible enough. 

There was also some inaccuracies with our timing results which we have explained on our timing post and will be resolved for next year. 

Bing Blazer Team to the Rescue!

We are proud of our Bing team. The snapped tape was the worst possible start for us and the team got more Marshalls out onto the course with additional arrows becoming more mobile to check routes were clearly marked throughout. 

They are predominantly volunteers and we couldn't be prouder of everyone of them today. Because of their rapid reactions the vast majority had a great day. Bing team we are lucky to have you.

The Obstacle Race Challenge

We love obstacle racing and took on this challenge for the sport. We will not give up! We will train harder, we will work on our weaknesses and improve. 

Thank you for all the support and for the energy you brought all weekend.

Please give us your feedback! You can comment on our Contact page, on Facebook or Twitter. Let's make it the best it can be!

Our training and planning for the next event starts today and we are giving it 100% to be better than ever.