Lion Rampant- Bigger and Better

Introducing the new Lion Rampant

So our Bing Blazer event on May 21st brought the new obstacle - Lion Rampant to our new entrants.

An incline overhang wall which we thought was a success for the first time using it.

It was the last big obstacle at the event so there were some muddy and tired individuals at that point which added a slight extra challenge to it. 

As our promise always is for Bing Blazer, we have decided to make it bigger and better.

For our Park Life event we have decided to add another 1 meter in height to it to make it that slight bit more challenging.

This will mean that it places a greater emphasis on upper body strength as you can’t use as much momentum for it.

However, a variety of different techniques can be used including a dookie (helping hand up) and the heel hook to make it that slight bit easier and manageable. 

If anyone feels like they can conquer this obstacle, then sign up and see!