GPS tracking for Park Life Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle Course Racing and the GPS Revolution

Always wanted a GPS watch but not taken the step to actually buy one? Now you don’t need to….

Bing Blazer are introducing global positioning technology within our Park Life event. This is a first for a Scottish obstacle course race!

GPS tracking you on the course

Global Technology Systems (GPS) uses satellites to calculate your coordinates. They beam them back to our monitoring system to track exactly where you are at any point.

The technology has been used in watches for a few years now and there’s no doubting they work to track your runs, cycles and swims. Even if you wear your watch or have a timing chip during your race there is no way to track where your competitors are at every point of the race. 

But, our GPS can! This could revolutionise the sport of OCR to make it even more exciting for both participants and spectators alike.

GPS technology has become more and more prominent in the development of a variety of sports. Ever wonder how they can track how much distance a rugby or football player travels in a match? Yup that’s GPS doing its thing. 

With the Rugby World Cup taking place we also wanted a piece of the GPS action!

Bing Blazer is working with Keep It Simple Timing to allow our 240 event racers to track exactly where they are on the course at any time. Just like in a Formula 1 race. 

Racers & spectators can follow the drama

Spectators will be able to watch the battles unfold out on the course. Overtakes, undertakes, there will be lots of drama in 4 hours on a 9km lap.

When in the pit area enjoying that lead you thought you had, getting some food, getting something to drink, all of a sudden you can see how close that nearest competitor is to closing the gap. 

What do you do at that point? Eat on the run or hope they have to stop, but what if they keep going and get a big lead on you? 

This gives you some idea about Lewis Hamilton and his race team go through and the strategy is the key to success. Do we stop to change the tyres (trainers) once or twice, will I stop to put my petrol (energy bar & water) in?

Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest growing sport in the world and the use of GPS technology this early on in the sport shows just how far it has come! 

So, join the GPS revolution at Bing Blazer Park Life at Beecraigs Country Park, Linlithgow on October 4th.