Black Friday Deals for Bing Blazers!

Black Friday Bundle Deals From Bing Blazer

To celebrate Black Friday and the unveiling of Park Life 2016 the Bing Team are bringing you savings for this weekend only from Friday 27th- Midnight Sunday 29th

This is the best deal we have brought you to date!!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, with Christmas round the corner this is a great chance to grab your obstacle course race (OCR) loving friends and family a gift they’ll love

Bing Blazer & Park Life Black Friday Bundle (save £15)

Get both Bing Blazer 2016 and Park Life 2016 as a bundle with 2 options:

  • Bing Blazer 2016 and Park Life 2016 Single Lap Bundle- £60 (saving of £15)
  • Bing King (20km double lap) and Park Life 240 (As many laps as possible in 240 minutes)- £75 (saving of £15)

These bundles are available through this link for a limited time -

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Park Life first to use GPS

In 2015, Park Life was Scotland’s first multi-lap endurance OCR and the first UK OCR event to use GPS tracking for runners is back!

Park Life is fast becoming the first choice for OCR runners who want more obstacles and more laps!

In 2016 though it is going to be Bigger and Better, the Bing Blazer way. 

The event now has even more options and distances to sign-up for. We have introduced the 5km option, which now joins the 10km route as our 2 single lap choices.

However, for those where one lap is not enough, we have the 240 challenge! The 240 challenge is as many laps as you can possibly do in 240 minutes.

Also added this year has our Park Life: Bairns for 5-12yr olds and Park Life: Teen Mudster for 12-16 yr olds. 

In 2016 we have something for everyone. Whether you are new to obstacle course racing (OCR), a seasoned OCR addict or anything in between you are going to love the Bing Blazer: Park Life 2016.

What new for 2016?

  • Park Life: Bairns. This is a 200m event for the future of OCR. The event is in the afternoon for 5-12yr olds. It includes basic obstacles and all entrants must be accompanied by an adult (16yrs+). This event is not timed. All entrants receive a medal and a goody bag.
  • Bing Blazer: Teen-Mudster. This event is in the afternoon for 12-16-year-olds. It is 1 km long and includes obstacles with a higher difficulty rating than the Bing Bairns, but lower than the adult course. This event is not timed. All entrants receive a medal and a goody bag. The first 3 males and females receive trophies.
  • The 5km Park Life course. For those looking for a shorter course!