Bing Blazer part of UK OCR League

UK OCR League

UK OCR League

Our Bing Blazer event is now part of the UK OCR League (formally the Mudstacle League).

Mudstacle started as a small blog in 2012 but has grown massively since then and is now has one of the largest communities in the UK.

As many of you may know our event was recently voted within the top 3 of “Best Value Event” in the UK at the Mudstacle Awards. 

So What is the League?

Whether you are a fun runner or are super competitive with your obstacle course racing it is an opportunity to test yourself against the very best! 

Each season (lasting 6 months each), there is a variety of events which are selected for you to score your league points at.

It is ensured that each one is an established event with a reputation for fairly and consistently managing the competitive side of their race.

In Scotland there is currently 5 events to which you can score points with:

  • >Bing Blazer- 21st May 2016, West Lothian
  • Major Series- 6th June 2016, Stirlingshire
  • Spartan Beast- 24th July 2016, Edinburgh
  • Total Warrior- 10th & 11th September 2016, Edinburgh
  • Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest- 23rd October 2016, Edinburgh

How do you Score Points?

You predominately score points based on your finishing position in comparison to everyone else who raced. They take minus your percentage finish from 100 to give your points score. Don't worry, that sounds more complicated than it is!

Here are a few examples:

  • If you finish in the top 2% you'll score 98 points
  • If you finish in the bottom 5% (ie top 95%) you'll score 5 points

So it doesn’t matter where you actually finish- you will always receive some recognition of your achievements.

So if you are interested or looking for more information on the league see for more details.

And from there we will see you for the first scoring event- Bing Blazer on 21st May!!!