Bing Blazer 2015 - Bigger & Better in 2016!

Bigger, Better Bing Blazer

We promised you a Bigger, Better, Bing Blazer and we hope you feel like we delivered.

The feedback from the people we spoke to on and immediately after the event was fantastic.

In particular we were pleased to read things like “probably the biggest obstacle in Scotland”, “the best race pack in Scotland” and “maybe the longest monkey bars in Scotland” in the multiple reviews we have received.

Bing Blazer slide

In only our second event we really tried to push the boundaries and improve the Bing Blazer… but the good news is it doesn't stop here!

Bing Blazer will be back again in 2016 and even bigger & better

Bing Blazer 2016 obstacle course race will be held again in West Lothian on Saturday 21st of May 2016.

When we say bigger and better we mean it! There are two events for adults - a 10km and 20km option. You decide which one you are going to test yourself on and sign up now

For the under 16's

There are also two new events for the under 16's - they like a challenge too! A 1km event for 12-16yr olds, Teen Mudster, and a 200m event for 5-11yr olds, Bairns

You can sign up and register here until 1 May 2016 but better make the commitment now, get into training and be ready for the big day!

There are a whole lot more reviews like the ones above on the OCR Scotland website. See them all here.