Obstacle Racing

Obstacle course racing and what you need to know and do to be a successful Bing Blazer

Lion Rampant- Bigger and Better

Introducing the new Lion Rampant

So our Bing Blazer event on May 21st brought the new obstacle - Lion Rampant to our new entrants.

An incline overhang wall which we thought was a success for the first time using it.

It was the last big obstacle at the event so there were some muddy and tired individuals at that point which added a slight extra challenge to it. 

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Scottish Obstacle Course Racing Awards

Scottish OCR Awards

What happens when you gather all the Scottish obstacle course racing (OCR) scene in one room when drinks and music are involved?

OCR Scotland

Only time will tell and we will be finding out soon as this year sees the first Obstacle Course Racing Scotland Awards Ceremony.

The awards ceremony will be a fantastic way to celebrate the best of all things Scottish OCR!

These awards signify how far the sport has come in the past few years, and with more races popping up all over Scotland, and more people catching the OCR bug, hopefully, this will be the first of many ceremonies. 

We visited our first OCR awards ceremony at the Mudstacle Awards in December. It was a great night with the kind of vibe that typifies the OCR community.

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