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Bing Blazer: Park Life 2016 Photos

Thanks for everyone who attended Park Life 2016 OCR at Beecraigs Country Park in Linlithgow. We hope everyone had a great time, participants and spectators alike.

See the link above for the awesome obstacle shots, including the new loch Tarzy swing, Sodden mount, Deep sea diver and the Tyred Monkey obstacles. Definitely some great photos and it is brilliant for the Bing Blazer team to see all the happy faces!!


Lion Rampant- Bigger and Better

Introducing the new Lion Rampant

So our Bing Blazer event on May 21st brought the new obstacle - Lion Rampant to our new entrants.

An incline overhang wall which we thought was a success for the first time using it.

It was the last big obstacle at the event so there were some muddy and tired individuals at that point which added a slight extra challenge to it. 

Read more: Lion Rampant- Bigger and Better

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