Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions. If you have any other queries not answered here, please use the Contact Us page and we will answer your question, if we can, and add it to the list, here.

When do I receive my race pack?

When you register at the event you will receive a race pack. The race pack will include your Bing Blazer sports t-shirt and a timing chip.

What do I get when I finish the race?

You will receive a goody bag when you complete the event. The goody bag will include medals, gloves and goodies from our sponsors.

What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring your confirmation email and photographic ID to register on the day of the event. The name on the photographic ID must match the name you have registered with. We will do name changes for free until 30th April 2015. After this date we can only do name changes on the day of the event and this will incur an administration fee.

When does online sign up close?

Online registration closes on Saturday 25th April 2015 (4 weeks before the event).

When do I get my wave time?

You will receive an official wave time within 7 days of online registration closing. Online registration closes on Saturday 25th April 2015 (4 weeks before the event).

Do I have to sign up 10 or more people at the same time to get the team discount?

No. You can still add team members online up until online registration closes on Saturday 25th April 2015 (4 weeks before the event). These team members will qualify for the team discount if you have 10 or more members in total.

Can I still register team mates after online sign up closes and/ or on the day of the event?

Yes. You can still register team mates on the day of the event Saturday 23rd May 2015. These team members do not qualify for team discount. Please attend registration early if registering new team mates, so their registration can be processed in plenty of time before the team is due to start the event.

How do I get my team discount?

Team discounts are valid whilst online sign up is open. Additional team members added after this point are not valid for team discount. We will send a unique £5 discount code to each team member after the event. This code can be used for future Bing Blazer events. The code can only be used once.

How do I find my time?

Times will be released regularly on the day of the event at the finishing line. We will also include times on our website and social media pages.

Where is the medical area?

The medical area is well sign posted within the registration compound.

When is the sign up open for Bing Blazer 2016 open?

You will be able to sign up for the Bing Blazer 2016 on the day of the event. There will be a special discounted rate for signing up at the registration area. Online registration will open on the 23rd of May 2015.

What do I do with my chip?

Place your chip in the chip bin at the finish line. Please be careful when removing the chip from your shoes. There will be event marshall’s there to help. If we don’t get your chip we can’t give you a time. In the unfortunate instance where a chip is broken or lost then, so is the data and you won’t have an official time.

Is there a baggage area?

There is a manned baggage area in the registration compound.

Is there showering facilities?

Yes. We have outdoor, public showering facilities.

Is there car parking?

Yes there is limited onsite car parking. Onsite car parking is booking only and we recommend you do this early to guarantee a space onsite. Onsite car parking is £5 per car. We do have overflow car parks with a shuttle service to and from the event registration compound. These car parks are pay at the gate. Overflow car parks are £5 per car.

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