Massage you know you want it!

Bing Blazer team up with Edinburgh College to offer Sports Massages

The Bing Blazer team are excited to announce a new partnership with Edinburgh College.  

Students from Edinburgh College will provide massage treatments before and after the event.   

As if your Bing Blazer medal at the finishing line wasn’t enough to get you through the 10 km run of water, mud, hills and obstacles, there is now an extra incentive of a massage for your aching muscles.

All we ask in return for your massage is a donation to our chosen local charity, Bosom Buds of Scotland

Bosom Buds support those diagnosed with cancer, and their families, through their darkest times. 

Fund raise and get discounted race entry fee

We love obstacles and have the power to use our passion to remove them in other people’s lives - through fund-raising.

To fund raise for Bosom Buds of Scotland contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your discounted entry fee.