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Build Your Team - Save time and £’s with Early Signup

Start building your team now & save

We want you to get the best Bing Blazer deal which is why our booking system allows you to start a team with just one person! 

All you need is a captain, one person who signs up and gets their friends motivated to sign up too! They need a leader.

Early Entry Team discount

You don’t need to sign up 10 at the same time to get the team discount. You can sign up one at a time!

When the team total reaches 10 or more members then each team member will receive a £5 discount code off future events. 

This means you can sign up now for the best entry price, even if your friends are slower and don’t sign up until nearer the event. 

And best of all you are still entitled to the team discount code!!!

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Obstacle Race Training Advice

Training/Preparation Advice from Personal Best

Advice on how to prepare for Bing Blazer 2015 obstacle course in May next year from training partner Personal Best.

Baboon Bars Obstacle

What better place to start than the classic Baboon Bars obstacle which will be in the next Bing Blazer obstacle course race event.

The Baboon Bars is the nemesis of many obstacle course racers and usually ends up in a wet and muddy dip if you don’t make it to the end.

So how do you conquer the Baboon Bars challenge?

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Massage you know you want it!

Bing Blazer team up with Edinburgh College to offer Sports Massages

The Bing Blazer team are excited to announce a new partnership with Edinburgh College.  

Students from Edinburgh College will provide massage treatments before and after the event.   

As if your Bing Blazer medal at the finishing line wasn’t enough to get you through the 10 km run of water, mud, hills and obstacles, there is now an extra incentive of a massage for your aching muscles.

All we ask in return for your massage is a donation to our chosen local charity, Bosom Buds of Scotland

Fund raise for Bosum Buds, get discounted entry fee! - Massage you know you want it!

Obstacle Course Race Success!

1st Obstacle Course Race a Big Success!

Bing Blazer 2014 was a first time event for the Bing Blazer team in Scotland and an awesome weekend through the support of Bing Blazers of all ages. 

Teams from all over Scotland, Ireland and England come together to take part in the sport we all love - Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle course learning curve

As the first obstacle race on the Bing it was a huge learning curve and there is lots that we can work on to make the 2015 obstacle course race even better.

There was early issues with course markings when a piece of tape snapped from the wind, causing confusion, and an arrow on the cycle track wasn't visible enough. 

There was also some inaccuracies with our timing results which we have explained on our timing post and will be resolved for next year. 

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